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.: Энциклопедия » A » Anguished » Cold
Depart This Life

why do i hate this life so much?
is it something that i've done or
because of something i haven't done?
this miserable feeling follows me constantly
does it really matter am i here or not...
the decision is hard to make, but for some
unknown reason i just can't stop thinking at it,

'cause no on knows what's after death
i'm afraid that there's gonna be still life, emotions,
anguish, depression, chaos like this life is now
i just wanna sleep, sleep forever and ever
i'm too tired to handle all this, it's been so
long like this, too long. i need that rest

depart this life. my last wish

why this is so hard for me? a'm i just so pathetic
and weak? i've lost long time ago the willing to try
why this is so hard for me?

i've fall into ruin. stone after stone i'll vanish away
does it really matter is it today or years after
someday i'll be gone anyway
does it really matter is it today or years after

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