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.: Энциклопедия » A » Apraxia » Live In Gardariket
Ancestors Land

The dim woods, the snowy fields,
The deep lakes - it's my land!
The great warriors, the pagan rituals,
The ancient gods - ifs my land!
On my land I stand
And admire It's beauty
It's dim forests and It has dark
It has endless fields and It has snowy
It has transparent lakes and It has
deeply rives
It's a country of my ancestors'
It's my ancestors land!
Many years ago on that ancient land
Lived, fought and died great warriors
Clanged steel of swords and flew
blood of enemies
Many great battles took place in that
But my ancestors have never kneeled
And they always defeated their
Once upon a time there worshiped
great gods
For true ancient pagan deities
Altars again are standing in the
Now we again come unit with nature.
We again hear call of forests
Blood of ancestors is flowing in our
Their voices sounding in our brains
And we sharpen our swords
Great war has just began
We'll protect our ancient land!

[Назад к Альбому]

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