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The Summoning Of Ancient Battle Spirit Of Great Race

I summon the ancient forgotten
Battle Spirit of my nation –
Arise from the depth of ages,
Return from benighted times!
Seize souls of my bloodbrothers,
Make us valiant and ruthless,
Teach us to fought, help us to win!
I summon pristine spirit,
Spirit of war pride and glory,
Spirit of thousand battles
Power of ancestors’ swords!
I pray for the Gods of war –
Mighty Volh and great Perun,
I call might of heathen land,
Shadows of the battlefields
Of my Motherland!
Lead us against those aliens
For whom there’s no place
In our sacred lands,
Help us to burn them down
To trample and to fear them to shreds
Give our Race power over the whole world!

[Назад к Альбому]

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