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.: Энциклопедия » A » Apraxia » Идеология
True Sacred War

I ride a snowy land
Strongly Holding in the hand my sword
Which sows death and destruction
Defending the supremacy of my Race.
Sacred war has begun
Hate and contempt, which overfilled me
Now are revealing –
They aim my weapon at my enemies body
Frost of our winters retain our fighting spirit,
Spirit of great Race and our forefathers
And we’re born for victory
In this True Sacred War! I see blood on the snow –
It’s my blood, which was shed
For the sacred struggle...
And I know, if I fall and never rice again,
Hands of those, who follow me
Will take my sword...
And our aim will be achieved,
And we’ll gain the Victory!

[Назад к Альбому]

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