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.: A Apraxia
...My Bride (Queen Of My Heathen Forests)

Sorceress queen of my pagan lands
Shrouded in fog crowns of the trees
Darkness is thickening at the foot of wood
Youd called me and I came.
Im standing by your throne,
Im resting upon your legs,
Im your defender, my Bride,
And Im ready to fight for you.
Look around your foresthrone is ignited
To kill you by those, who are against us.
They dont believe in your might
Now its my turn to shield you
They dont realize your vigour and power
Poor people, forgotten the prophecies of Ancient!
Those who cant even read
Magic signs in scrolls
They cant resist my Bride!..
Sorceress, my bride, Im forever with you.
Im your King and you my Queen,
Im your defender youve chosen me
And together well annihilate them!

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