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.: B Barbarians Dawn Of Brotherhood

Dark prophecies the sun labours to show as if it feared, the worse
The sharp sword, cut the breeze and all the wood stays in silence
Eyes to the horizon, they observe the valley during their march
The time of the judgement, is upcoming the sacred fathers
Drive their revenge!

Blood is about to flow
Later the valley won't be the same
The first arrow strikes
The minds and the impetus istigate them
The noise of metal resounds, deafening.
The clash is violent, deprived of rules and of clemency
Barbaric children of hate
You fight, you believe - you win!

Nobody of them has ever believed so much
None of them has ever suffered so much
The beast rising from them is waking up again
More and more greater, stronger!

We are not many warriors
Our brothers fell with glory and honor
Their sword fell
From bloody hands their shields covering their heads
We win the praise of whom
Isn't able to give revenge
Of whom is still imploring
The strenght to fight...

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