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.: Энциклопедия » B » Beastcraft » Dawn Of The Serpent

Step inside this room
naked as from the womb
lay down upon the altar
still as the deceased
your tongue must be silent
as the ceremonial dagger
carves the unholy symbols
into your flesh

From a worthless whore
to an infernal princess
wed to the universal king
lord and master Lucifer

Taste the blood
of the slaughtered lamb
drink its blood
rejoice in blasphemy
feel the crucifixious branding
the seal, your ring

you're at one with the fallen
enter hell
become the demoness
perverse and vicious
created out of fire

The Succubus do not obey the exorcists
Succubi have no dread of exorcism
the Succubus show no reverence for holy things
Succubi rend the sacred vestments

Daimons, intermediary spirits
between the human and gods
supreme embodiment of evil
servants of the 7th price.

[Назад к Альбому]

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