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.: B Beastcraft Dawn Of The Serpent
Satanic Fiend

Demon of Lust
demon of lechery
demon of adultery
son of Naamah
wed to Lilith
satanic fiend, Asmodeus

On the throne of the infernal dragon
beareth in this hand the lance
the choiciest under the power of Amaymom
he goeth before all other

Head of ram
head of man
head of bull
tail of serpent
tongue of fire
satanic fiend, Asmodeus

He giveth the ring of virtues
he maketh one invincible
he governeth 72 legions
of spirits inferior

Demon of lust, head of ram
demon of lechery, head of man
demon of adultery, head of bull
son of Naamah, tail of serpent
wed to Lilith, tongue of fire
satanic fiend, Asmodeus
satanic fiend, satanic.

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