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.: E Ether Depraved, Repressed, Feelings

A dead sun is losing its opalescence
Remnants of a cycle which will never cease
Obscurantism of clarity
Dead leaves blown away by cold winds
Darkness slowly creeping in, from outside to within
Without any commotions, visibility loses its vigor
Reverting into thrusting primal instincts

Everything loses its sense here
My own morality gnawed by this pulsating
Evergrowing envy to hate, life
I'm at the edge of succumbing, still fear lingers within
Having lived for too long in a world, where weakness is prized possession
Schematic lie crumbles on itself
Humans were born in blood and suffering
Most will die in shame and confusion
Life is to be taken in order to purify its meaning

Suddenly a subtle movement aroused my aural sense
I take heed and uncovered some branches only to find
Beauty and innocence trapped within flesh
The irony of the situation brought a smile, in a most sincere way
An unsuspecting female had just tripped and broken her leg
She was clearly in pain
I gently approached and carefully touched her hand
Slowly she stared at me: "- , love me ¨`
She moaned and cried
Love me, and I'll be free

A trigger at that precise moment, switched on
I knew I would love her, sincerely

I grabbed the club she had fell on
And bashed her head open, striking relentlessly
Focusing on her frontal cranial protuberance
When her face had lost any resemblance with any human feature
I proceeded in raping her bloody, mangled carcass, violently
I preferred the anus, for it could not render any mutual pleasure
I fucked her till I came, in the openly exposed cavity of her throat
It felt good; in fact, it felt quite better than loving

Every attempt to attain purity by dissociating physical and spiritual means, will become tedious.
You should accept the fact that you're useless and thus, lose the illusion of physical/spiritual superiority
You might then grasp the true essence of a deeper harmony which annihilates
the boundaries of animal instincts.

Ether, bearer of light

If not, should kill yourself or kill someone you love
Innocence cannot be preserved forever
Kill yourself or someone you love
If only you could understand how I fucking hate you
Heal yourself, kill yourself

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