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.: Энциклопедия » E » Ekove Efrits » Suicidal Rebirth
A Dream Beyond The Oceans

And she sang a beautiful song and then passed from here
like a swalow through th sky
and over the bodies of bloody trees...

don't say that was a dream, a handsome wraith
or the last screen of a termless scene
for the shines of a morbid sun in fall
horizon is a dungeon to naught

so I searched for my burned wings
to flay, to escape from here with the mourner winds
-but- why all my prays will turn to curse against
myself?...against myself...

her divine spell had a feeling so vague
such inchoate story of ashes and dust
a rapture such sinking at eternal dream
by the end for depression and fading in dusk

now vailing is no more my calmness and rest
as torn soul has bleeding, the wings are too broken
then I've searchd for a window to escape from myself
-but- she wrote on my skin that suicide is the way...

I've a secret among all secrets
like a blue rose among all the red roses

I'll show you a pathway to return to the timeless moments

mourner queen of sorrow, watch the youthfull blossoms
and its mortal vernal hopes, at the depth of coldest ground
where the roses are plaintful forever...

[Назад к Альбому]

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