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.: E Ekove Efrits Suicidal Rebirth
Salvation For The Worms

Through a velvet night I heard a song for twice
about a dreamy tale of a land with a graceful sky
there was no war, no fear, no lie
no hell, no torments to deserve to die

but he came from the depths of putrification
with the eyes that're covered by blood
he told them about the true salvation
and evoked them to burn all the nature's creations

hear the inversed truth, these words are fed to tyour ears...

I'm the holy redeemer,
your deliverance from the sins and disasters
the sacrosanct river from heavanly seas,
join me to attire your souls by the shedding of unholy blood...

the day was so grim a day
and sullen clouds were pellmell
the new child of hatred
could be felt in the womb of the insane

the seeds of downfall were growing one by one
by the name of darkness the hopes turned to dust...

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