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.: E Ekove Efrits Suicidal Rebirth
Graveless Pains

You look to your skin and your veins front the mirror
and you always think to a reason for stay
but it seems you can't find that...

whisperes are palying thier games inside you and your mind
everywhere and every time...do you need something to fly?
you try to make your own way and keep ears and shut your eyes
but all things will return until you fall in sleep

how can I see the colours and beauties
under this gray sky without any dreams
tell me the meaning of our destiny
time is running out empty from our wish

watch the dying leaves of autumnal trees
thier weak bodies is a sign for you and me
who can show you the truth behind the insane?
'till the truth has not exist when you seek

I have a question...
I have only a question from my mother and my father...
why you brought me to this life?
to see the pains?
to see the wars?
or to see so many derelict children alone in this truculent world?

show me a peaceful place...show me...

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