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.: E Ekove Efrits Suicidal Rebirth
Marsh Of Wishes

I need the painkiller, to kill myself..to rest...
I'm pest...like the tintless wings of a painfull pain
watch the nightfall tears,
I'm the last corner of solitude
such a grave, so cold
where the wishes in grief will be shed

when the mourner moments walk to silence
and dying floweres smile in gloomy sadness,
how could shade sorrow by calmness?

withheld beauty!
all these kisses will be your salve
for the wounds and your shoulders...

I wish we were far away from all this sorrow
in the world that pain had no place, had no meaning,
even in our dreams
I still remember the wailing of trees
thier wailing, to live beside the sinister humanity...

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