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.: F Fenris Ordeal
Suffering Predestined

Erase the prophecies untold
Of a suffering predestined
No virtue of law
In this chaotic frenzy

"Once on the throne,
Now the end of my reign
Desolate thoughts on my future remain
Thus weak and bereaved,
I bow my head in shame"

Blessings upon the ways of the martyr
No saviour is he,
[Who is] to perish alone

"Once on the throne
Of my glorious past,
It will come again
[For now it is time:]
In numbers unseen
I shall seek my revenge
Like storms from the north
To sweep through your realm
The signs of your gods
Have forsaken thee?"

Shrouded in seasonal darkness
Shattered a history of faith
Forlorn a history of faith
Forlorn echoing the power
Serenades of trivial space

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