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.: F Forefather Engla Tocyme

In times of old beyond the sea
When Wærmund ruled the Angelcynn
To him was born a worthy son
That would in time a hero become
Raiders from the borderlands
English blood on Myrging hands
The time would come for swords to shine
The time would come to draw the line

Fifeldor! Where Myrging blood was poured
Fifeldor! Where Angeln was secured
Fifeldor! Where Offa made his stand
Fifeldor! To hold the English land

Dishonour plagued his youthful mind
A shameful act by his own kind
And spoke he not a single word
But still with time he would be heard
Across the Eider Myrgings came
Demanding that tribute be paid (to their Swabian overlord)
The time had come for swords to shine
The time had come to draw the line

At Monster-Gate the duellists met
A kingdoms fate in Offas hands
With Stedefæst prepared to strike
Steel would soon shine bloody wet
Around the Eider saw the crowds
A nation saved - a hero made
Knelt Offa at the Eiders flow
And cleansed the blood from on his blade

Old English: Ane sweorde merce gemærde wið Myrgingum bi Fifeldore; heolden forð siþþan Engle ond Swæfe swa hit Offa geslog

Translation: With his lone sword he fixed the border against the Myrgings at Monster-Gate; ever since, the English and the Swabians have kept it as Offa won it.

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