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.: F Forefather Steadfast
Three Great Ships

Across the sea they heard the call
Blood to spill and gold in hand
Charged to flash their deadly steel
And defend this fruitful land
Straightaway they waged their war
And swiftly came the victory
And all of those that were left behind
Beheld the messengers' sign
And the ships filled the shoreline

Bound for fame
With three great ships they came
Riding the waves
To the fray
They soared across the spray
Leading the way
Souls aflame
They made their masters slaves
Destined to reign
Foes forlorn
A sacred myth was born
Wrought a new age

With gathering strength and growing will
They turned to bite the hand that feeds
The worthless hosts harried and slain
From the east to western seas
Altars razed by iron and fire
The pious slaughtered ruthlessly
The survivors fled to cower in the woods
For a life of ignominy
Or sadly crossed the sea

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