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.: F Forefather Steadfast
Mellowing Of The Mains

Purge this circle to clear the way
A cleansing fire where no ashes remain
Hear the heralder portend the rite
Purify - let his horn resound

Flawless as the still of night
No trembles in the web
Silence, as your soul takes flight
And all the forces ebb

The wheel of chaos turns a sea of calm
Strip away, sweep the dust, tear down!
Chill wind brings the toll of death
And nought brings sweet serenity

Thunder breaks the choking heat
And floods will cleanse this shrine
Fire sings your care's lament
Now watch your spirit soar.

One mighty call to break all bonds
Every act destroyed
Blast away all that has been
A pure and empty void

The ceaseless wheel turns from day to night
Scorch the earth, halt the endless fight
Raise my hands towards a moonlit sky
I am fulfilled, now an empty mind

Farewell this world, my mind bequeathed
At one with gods, I am now at peace
Only echoes of memories...
Only shadows of deeds

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