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.: Энциклопедия » F » Forest » Заревом над Прахом
Звоном Молотов Зови

By the Roar of Hammers Call
The Skies are Drawn in Black
By the horn to summon the brave
Under the Wings of the Sunrise
Let the Fires Melt the Dusk
Burn Your Way Up High
Through the Crowds of Blind
Praised the Evil One
The One Who was Taught Life
Taught by the Pain and Death
The One Who did Spill the Blood
In the Wild of the Horrid Dance
And the Foe won't Hide
From HIs Piercing Eyes
As the Weak Would Fall
Under Seven Knives
The Enemy within,
The One He Always Knew,
The Silent One
The One Who Hides His Eyes
Come, Tear the Bodies Apart
Yee, the Greedy One,
Tear the Hearts of the Depths
Through These Eyes Opened Wide
Come, Rob the Harvest of Swords
Shed the Blacker Blood
With the Thirst in the Eyes of the Gods
In the Endless Gleam of These Snows...

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