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.: F Forgive Me Last Drop Of Life
Funerals Of Birth

A white spot on the wall's calling me to enter....

Another home..
Another dream
Another meaning..of reality
Another place..
Another name..
The end of all the torturous pain ..

Behind my breaths...The doors are open
with Ruined images, And dignity is falling
The sky is burning
The wounds are calling
Life's smothering me...
And tears cant stop flowing...

The sun-rays crossed the window,
a spark of light on the wall,
creating a heavenly hole for me to enter...
I can hear them calling, voices beyond existence,
Insanity on the way, and death to welcome birth
all the sorrowful moments of my life
all the dreadful nights
everything will end
everything will face an end.

Around my fears ...The pride is broken
with solid rains of winter Iam walking
The thoughts are drowning ..
This disease is growing
Life's smothering me...
And tears cant stop flowing...

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