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.: F Forgive Me Jerusalem, The Rhyme Of The Deceased
Jerusalem, The Rhyme Of The Deceased

The Haze began when I was nine
The body-parts were everywhere
The Ruins were laying on their remains
The dust was filling my lungs
And the mourning chants kept on fading..
In and out since then..

The visions have been shattered in wrath
and the shreds of morbid reality have stabbed my eyes
Their skin has been gently removed from their corpses
And as I crawled, the war went on..

The moon was witnessing the blood
The rotten flesh, the chantings..
when I've lost whom I loved in moments..

And war goes on...though there's noone left to kill..

And years later..I saw them walking in my dreams..
My beloved ones..beyond my mind...
I tried to follow them...I couldn't..
I tried to stand..My god...

With cut legs Iam living Within acid past..
With shivering hands Iam writing me..
I can smell that dust..
the dust of the children's corpses..
I've lost them forever..

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