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.: Энциклопедия » F » Falkenbach » Tiurida
Time Between Dog And Wolf

Flocks of birds forsake the barren lands
I'm following suit with idle heart and empty hands
However strong a rock, time and tide will grind it down
To sand and the ground wears its burial gown

With gloom-ridden eyes and shrouded in grief
I shoulder my past to find my final relief
Each winter ploughed deeper furrows in my face
The next one is sure to leave it's terminal trace

...terminal trace

Whomever I owe my life to, it's time now to pay back
Yet all I have to offer is this battered human wreck
I gave more than I had but I'm still willing to give more
I swear this oath to me and I swear it with a roar

Salvation awaits but the simple in mind
As for me I can fight, I leave nothing behind
Trapped in the time between dog and wolf
I am trapped in the time between dog and wolf

...between dog and wolf

[Назад к Альбому]

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