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.: H Hildr Valkyrie Deceitful Fate
The Everlasting Battle

Once, there was a war, between two men
Fighting at the slain, day by day
Their dead men, rising again
By the virgins magic spells
Battle began, for a woman
Daughter and wife, respectively
She has been stolen by Hedinn
When king was away at the assembly

Old king returned, and get enraged
Gathered his host, one by one
The great hunting, has began
Traveled through sea, from land to land
Reaching the land of Norway
King herd tidings for him
Traveled by sea, straight to Hoy
Find his daughter and king Hedinn

The daughter of the king
Tried to make peace
Between her father and man
Offering at him a neck-ring at the

Name of her man
And she ordered him to leave
Cause her king Hedinn
Was ready, to fight
Without (showing) mercy at him

But, the great king
Was insult by him
So (the) daughter returned
To her king, and said
That her father didn't want peace

So it began, and the armies
Of two men, arrayed at the fields
But Hedinn tried for peace (once again)
Offered (a) fortune at the king

King Ho?gni
- My sword, I raise high
That is made, by the dwarves
Ordered to kill, every men
Reach's the blade, and never fails (the sword)

King Hedinn
- You boast, for your sword
But victory, won't be yours
So I call any sword
Can obey it is Lord
�And the bloodshed has began

Both, armies of kings, gathered at fields
Fighting at the slain, all that day
When night arrived, to ships returned
Leaving behind all the dead
As the full moon, crept to the sky
Above the dark horizon
Daughter and wife, walked among dead
Bring back to life, all the men

When, the sun awoke, and raised at sky
The kings returned, at the fight
Those who had fell, the day before
Was at the battle, thirsty for blood
All those who fell, and lay on (the) fields
(Their) Weapons and shields, turned to stone
That was their fate, all of the slain
Were cursed to fight till Ragnarok

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