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.: Энциклопедия » H » Horn » Die Kraft Der Szenarien
Landscapes On Hold

Frozen iron graves,
Above the sheets,
An empty heart,
Makes its way through the fields.

Magnificence, vast emptiness,
Landscapes on hold, beyond the reign of death,
Magnificent, landscapes clear and bright,
From now on, forever winternight.

Warm breath rose to the nightsky,
Myself covered in a coat and fur,
And the landscape, buried under the shining sheets,
Lay sleeping in motionless silence,
Above all, the silver light,
Embracing the eternal winternight

The leaves have finally faded
And the farewell tears have dried
In the piercing coldness,
Leaving the silence

The wooden shacks, barely visible,
And the tree tops, in a frozen crown
Under the merciless beauty,
At which I gaze in admiration

And in this moment
I stand alone
And proud beneath a hole in the frozen ground,
Destined for me.....

[Назад к Альбому]

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