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.: Энциклопедия » H » Horn » Naturkraft
Space Above Capacity

I elevate myself above your god,
Because I vote from the roof tops,
I consider myself a saviour of the day.
One shot in the head, none more, none less,
I pray,
I vote from the rooftops,
One verse for every man emerging in the crosshair's eyes...

A precise device will at last prove me superior,
I vote from the rooftops,
So I vote my way down the brimstone gates.
By homicide,
I'm tryin' to make a point,
Point blank, I vote from the rooftops,
I fuck with life no one has dared before.

In a way I am a hunter,
I the the woods to regulate,
For what lies ahead
Is worse than leaden hate.
A space above capacity,
Atrocities of reproduction,
Cannon fodder keeps on marching
Forward towards selfdestruction.

I hail the drug-fueled titans marching on...
And those I had missed keep marching on...

I raise my gun,
I raise my beer,
I celebrate my being
as the last man standing...

[Назад к Альбому]

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