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Borders, Lands Or Shores

Live and letting live is easy as long as you waer the crown,
And who would shamelessly attack
When your castle´s draw-bridge is down?
Enlightenment, almighty guardian against the tide,
Everything is relative, there is no wrong or right.
But if I could I´d take a torch and change your cretin ways,
I´d set your dead-end dreams of peace and love ablaze,
I drill your fucking skulls with the power of dogmatic facts,
And in the state of pain you shall see back...

Tolerance, pathetic excuse for being a slave,
For being the 21. century in a Europe of the weak.
Ignorance, a ruler´s first step towards the guillotine,
The last, a desperate act to revive the fading ruins of the truth.

Bring once more the spirit of manhood forth
Remind the world of the existence of west and north,
Follow the call of the union.
You may not know, but your fate still lies still in your hands,
Raise your head, break free from the mental chains,

The spirit of what is yours burned down to the core,
The scarred and swollen face of Europe, nevermore.
You may look away, but your children will not...
...inherit your myth of "what you give is what you get",
Will mereky find that Christianity has yet again failed...

The spirit of what is yours burned down th the core,
Making way for a globe without borders, lands or shore,
One space, one culture, one tongue,
One last act of self-destruction to come...

The rules of old state that fire is replied by fire,
The pacifist is god? Upon a pike with liar!
Hang´em high those cunts who for too long have owned your minds,
Hang´em high...still is the power yours.

[Назад к Альбому]

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