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Out There, Nowhere...

The far torch in sight,
Between the worlds, I roam, abide,
Force of the night,
Giving strength to depart from everything...

And out there, nowhere,
A force that made me walk
A thousand miles from home,
Afortress, too far to reach r to return.
Fading Spirit,
I went to rest on iced-over seas,
Finding home in empty plains
Yet Fearing for the summer to return.

Reaching...frozen hands,
Towards the mainlands,
Nowhere In plain sight,
Out here no direction is right,
What remains is the march into nowhere.

Hailing the winter;
I await, feasting upon thoughts,
Cursing the light
And the fate that chose may gods.

Long is the way home,
Too great were the steps I made
Until the end, until the ice breaks,
I balance upon the blade.

[Назад к Альбому]

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