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.: Энциклопедия » L » Lost Legacy » Gates Of Wrath

In a realm, of a long lost time, when heroes and adventures still crossed the lands,
the dawn was breaking on a new time. It all began in the morning of a splendid new day...
All the lands were living in peace. Ebery being enjoyed the sunrays and the warm wind over
the green fields... But to the lands of fog, far in the east, the sun did never send her rays.
Cold lay over the land, fog had won the eternal struggle against crystal clear air.
For decades, no sunray had ever touched the ground.
Nature had lost the war agaunst unknown elder forces... For one and a half thousand years,
nothing had changed in these lands of twilight. Humans had always avoided to enter the dark
and unholy forests which constituted the border... between the world of light and the world
of twilight. Nor, in all the years, had the peoples of twilight left their home.
And never in all the time which had passed humans had seen one of them. Legends about orcs and
goblins and nameless horrors were told at the fire, or to the children. As a warning.
But no one had ever seen any pf the beings, who were said to live beyond the woods of horror.
The legends were never forgotten, but over the decades, they began to lose their credibility.
On this splendid day, the one to introduce the months of the sun, a man entered the woods of horror.
For the first time in over thousand years.
Alkazar, a mage, had decided to fathom the mysterious land of twilight.
In the cold morning breeze, he crossed the invisible border... and as his feet touched the
ground, things changed and would never be the same again...

[Назад к Альбому]

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