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.: L Lost Legacy Gates Of Wrath
Unholy Alliance

Lord of shadows
Lead my way
Show me eternity
As time's passing by
I want to live by your mighty side
To send grief astray
To destroy the men
Give me power
Give me might
I'll lead your army
To the edge of the world
Let us reign over mankind and nature
No might exists
To resist our alliance

Black magic had born
An unseen evil creature
By union of the mages
The new god has arrived

Unbroken power he possesses
The magic of humans
And those of the shadows
In this darkest night
Evil was reborn
And never it shall fall
Back into oblivion
His majesty means the end of the world
Every word he speaks brings damnation to our race
Take a look into eyes full of malice
Fear the day he will reign all the lands

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