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.: L Lost Legacy Gates Of Wrath
March Of Invasion

Horns of war
The clash of weapon
Not to satisfy
The bloodthirst of evil

Once in march they won't
Stop till all humans
Were sent to the great gates
Of the underworld
They're superious in
Number and viciousness
They're protected by the immortal shadowlord

I'm the diamond of night
Your dowfall is sealed
This world is mine
I'm he king of all life
I'm the master
My kingdom shall come
Now and until
The end of all days

Human sorcerers
Fighting with magic might
To proect men
From the black energy
Endless days of war
They are exhausted
They no longer
Can resist the nameless beast

The last mighty spell
Thrown against (the) darkness
Thunder and fog
Everyone fears death
Unknown creatures
A battalion of immortals
Demons conjured up
From the seventh dimension

Zaraax flew over the battlefield and landed behind the walls of Dun-Terra to present
the dust of angels. But the last magician had already found his death in the astral
fire of destruction. The ;ast chance for mankind had lost it's worth. Nobody was left
to use it. They had come too late. Zoraax straightened up and set free a blasting loud
and magic scream. Faster than the wind his brothers followed his call.

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