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.: L Lost Legacy Gates Of Wrath

Powerful in endless beauty they're releasing the
Dragonfire giving death to all dark forces
Silver, gold and blue the colours of immortal
Beasts hat fight for life and mankind no mater how
Hard the spells of dark ones (are) thrown against last might
Save all men, resist the invasion
Or be killed and life will fade on this world

Dragons soar up, blasting
Destructive fire into
The army of the evil
To bring death to them all

Dragons full of might, magic flames, udacity
Almost immortal, raging Beasts, in thirst for blood
Crushing crunching orks, everything that fights against
This last fight will show, if our race will stay alive

Dragons are defeated
All the sorcerers fall
Covered by dead corpses
The world awaits the end

Faster now and ever harder the raging has
Turned to fury never ending until they die
Dragons can't give up and they won't but in the end
Magic burns even the hardest of all armours
One by one the lords of sky stumble in agony
Until even the last one has found it's death
Almost victory the evil has come to the
Last stronghold of men, the gates of wrath

The army of the evil, demons and the twilight people, started up to their dark lord,
who floated in the air, above the slaughter. One single place was left for mankind,
after they had lost their magic, their dragons and mos of their heroes.
Dun-Terra is no longer. It had been destroyed in the astral fury of the black one.
But the victory won't be complete till the last human had exhaled his life. And so
it was time for the last confrontation. The evil had reached the gates of wrath...

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