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.: L Lost Legacy Gates Of Wrath
Gates Of Wrath

Not far away, at the end of daytime
Orcs in the dark praise the evil one
They hail their god, victimizing humans
Beasts shall be revealed with blood
Thousands of deaths lie on the wasteland
Sun sets soon and the moon will call
Awakening of evil (they will) fight till dawning
Human flesh will burn

Wisdom and pain
The pair of the immortals
They shall bring death
The downfall of creation

In the night the evil presence
Creeping out of graves and darkness
Insanity of undead fighters
Weapons will be blackend red
The dark forces greedy to feel
All the flesh and red blood
Humans damned to suffer
Cause the Slaughter doesn't end

Dusk wakes the dark forces of evil
Ready to run 'gainst the gates of wrath
Humans await the shores of nightfall
Undeads crawl for blood
Red is the colour flowing out of
The gate of wrath as the humans die
They had no chance to escape the slaughter
Their destiny was death

Sunset reveals
The end of our race
Their own creation
Had brought them to their end

Humans wish for more might
To be rich and to the best
Brought the shores of hell to life
Bloodthirst created by the men
Black magic did take
All humans to their graves
No one has the chance to flee
Ending in pain and fear

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