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.: Энциклопедия » L » Lost Inside » Mourning Wept Beside Me
Обложка альбома «Lost Inside» - 2011 - «Mourning Wept Beside Me» (Full)
Группа / Артист: Lost Inside
Альбом: Mourning Wept Beside Me
Год: 2011
Тип записи: Full
Лейбл: Dusktone
Битрейт: 320 KBps
Скачать mp3: iFolder.ru, Narod.ru

Альбом записан составом:
Kold - все инструменты
Necromorg - вокал
Трек лист:
01 - Bewildered 06:28
02 - A Ghost Among People 07:47
03 - Four Walls And A Restless Shadow 10:44
04 - Like A Wilted Flower 08:00
05 - Feed On Tears 08:36
Время звучания: 41:35

Дополнительная информация:
Lost Inside plays a certain type of music that sounds like no other, the atmosphere it sets is perfect for any type of mood. The songs will leave you with a haunted feeling, a feeling of utter bliss towards everything around you. The music can be interpreted into many different feelings, but above all you will feel the artists pain just as he feels it, the hollowness he feels.
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