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.: Энциклопедия » M » Månegarm » Dödsfärd

The clothes are soaked,
pours from my face.
The bittersweet wine,
the blood of the human race.

An endless journey
Through flesh and bone
When the carvings start
The will to control my soul is gone

The ravenous spirit i altar
My thoughts impaled by you

I eat the life
I suck out their strength.
That what i sink my teeth into
Will increase my body´s length

No more sickness and no more decease
Your fluids will make the aging process cease

The ravenous spirit i altar
My thoughts impaled by you.

This poison, I´m burning up inside
I´m lost in this world of red
Now feel the taste of fear
When my blade runs deep inside you
I slit your body open
Soon you will be a part of me
So scattered, so helpless, so lost...
The spirit of Wendigo is in me

[Назад к Альбому]

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