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.: Энциклопедия » M » Morrigan » Welcome To Samhain
Life, Death And The Here After

Brave warriors fell, of great stories tell,
In time some hear the fairy spell,
Raise swords to the air, sharpen axe and spear,
Fear in the ranges no men became to dare.

The hills call, when leaves fall we defeat the time.

Don't dare, keep silence,
Don't dare, talking to the elders,
No fear, no crying,
No fear, to face the death with a little smiling.

Don't dare, when prayers falling,
Don't dare, let sword in sheath forever,
No fear, no crying,
No fear, at talking to the elders.

The ravens call, the wizards have told,
Walk the last man in armours of gold,
Look into the sky, we will be together when we die
The last exhale on black wings we wil fly.

The hills call, when leaves fall we defeat the time.

The time have reach us, the steel in my heart so cold,
To death we surrender when in hands our swords we hold,
Follow the ravens, sorrow we never know,
Life, death and the here after we enter the land of gold...

[Назад к Альбому]

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