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.: N Nabaath Back Of Beyond
Sunset And Sunrise At The Back Of Beyond

White angels' wings, blue angels' blood,
They've fallen like dust.The Twins were slayed
And future came to us...
His army is immortal.
He is an angry Beast.
His crypt is situated in the East
Into the abyss of nocturnal mist.
The sacrifice was great.
He shown the world
Red-violet sky and deadly screaming angels
With burning wings.
He don't afraid any arrows of death...
They flew through the sky,through clouds,
Trough the sun. Angels!
Believe in light,in life?
Slay them, Satan!
White angels' wings, blue angels' blood -
As the frightening tomorrow came to us today.
Cold dust, burning death,
Black future came to us.
It's war...

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