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.: O Ov Hollowness Diminished
Rest In Chaos

Allured by the outlandish sector within
I'm drawn into the bleakness of the dark
Onward I went alone to seek
An answer and understanding sought by me
Fierce coldness biting my skin and face
Vital strength within, my longing, my desire
I've fought natures challenge and proceed
Further I went into the icy abyss
Consciousness and thought lost to intense element
My next struggle, myself, my mind
Never lose complete focus on this task
I'm weak but never vanquished for I'm here for this
Much time passed but I know attainment ever lasts
Unsure my findings, never was the battle lost
Fatigued, frozen over, bloodied, cut, battered (to and extreme nucleus)
My journey ends here and begun again
What was sought was found, new meaning
I turned my back on the menial humanity
In these woods in the freezing fires, the exquisite chaos
Darkness is so beautiful, here I reign
No more do I live and breath as the mortals I leave behind
Life is not of living but of higher states of being
I float among ancient evil and dark souls
I have found what I wished to see
My black cosmos awoken me and set forth my quest
I am cleansed and released from the confining walls of grace
Extreme nature gave me sight to see truth
Now I rule and prevail and rest in chaos ... Rest in Chaos

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