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.: P Pagan Reign Ancient Fortness
Guardians Of Heaven

Where the proud banners fly over our country
And sign of Kolovrat flames in the sky
Warriors go through a giant gate
Who know not fear in fight

Countless army of true Perun's sons
March through their native lands
They've given back their lives
For pride and memory of great fathers

Enemies couldn't bend Slavs hardness
In despair wars seamed so endless
Swords were lifted for freedom and lives
And awful threat was dispelled as mist

New meaning our forces rise
Black birds alarmed shout over our land
Danger knows our warrior's face
With flame and sword the enemy will be erased

Our dead warriors rise and walk again
The young and old are together
They now walk the eternal way
Into the place of ancient gods forever

They go as one, guardians of heaven
Ready to fight for truth of light
To return to fight with us as one
Invincible warriors forever as the sun

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