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Ancient Fortress - The Last Battle (Part II)

The thundering horde now threatens our Russia
Born by the darkness in the steps of south
A quick death is assured with there sharp sabres
Their opponents cut down those not brave enough

The sons of Perun are valiant and fearless
They hold there swords with strength determined
For homeland and nation against these raiders.
With faith, our warriors never will break...

At dawn as first sunrays touch the tree tops
Red Arrows soar over walls of Stronghold
The battle begins for our life for the glory
Till glittering gloom of the summer nights gold.

Crushed were the foes by the warriors of Stronghold
Like black rivers licking at majestic white cliffs
In vain was there blood spilled, in vain were there lives spent
And the wind took away there laments of grief...

So it was and so it shall be once and forever
They will never forget the glory of our Slavic steel
Ravens touching the heavens with full feathers
Hovering over our land's now total free will...

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