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.: Энциклопедия » P » Pagan Reign » Ancient Fortness
By Fire And Sword

Enemies of Slovenians native land
They never forget the power of our tribes
Centuries might of great times
Keeping the honoured heroes' names

Who was born not for fetters?
Not for slavery, not for fear
But for freedom and for battles
With them Svarog's grief is here

Each of warriors called to our heaven
Remembered about our laws
With wisdom he became one with a raven
The minister of Gods

Glory of the brave warriors
Doesn't grow dim in the years
But memory of them is full of sorrows
And Gods bend their grey heads

But sprout of revival shall grow
The power of antiquity lives
Honour and fame will come soon
We must believe in this

[Назад к Альбому]

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