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.: P Pagan Reign Ancient Fortness
Slavonic Arise

We arise to be free
Their destiny of faith was insanity
Our war is a deadly storm
The liars of faith must be gone

No remorse for these servants of God
They taught us to fight as well as to die
Under the protection of powerful Gods
Slavonic people Arise

Radegast rules in the battle
The day has gone and the Sun is Red
Perun calls for sacrifices
I see a great fear in your eyes

Rain is Blood, the winds are cold
Vistantians cry aloud
We fight for Our Gods
The Pagan warriors Rise

No Remorse

Under the blackened sky
Comes the Magical Bird
The goddess Magura flies
Kissing the warriors who fall

She kissed you... ARISE

We fought like demons
But were conquered
The damned enemy rulers
Must be ruthlessly destroyed.

And now I come here fearless and painless
With my Gods power of Heathens

Unforgiven are those
Who deceived us
Their eyes I will close
To be free with my Gods

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