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.: Энциклопедия » P » Pagan Reign » Ancient Fortness

Oh scarlet face fire, the life and the death
In calmness you gave us the light of yourself
But if someone sets you free and lets you run
Your wrath of the elements kills everyone.

Svarog, our father, has brought you to life
In heavenly forge of the golden sunlight
He brought out your entity bursting the night
And presented you to all of mankind

When you no longer can fight and are falling down
And crimson blood from your wounds runs to the ground
Just raise up your hand and call Svarog to help
For the winds of his fire will serve you well...

Let the son of Svarog stride forward and kill
Burning the foes with no care like free will
The flash of his fire blade, sharper than steel
Their flesh's for his feeding, this is his meal

The one who has chosen his death in the fire
Will hear his own cries before he dies
Along with the clatter of hoofs on the mire
The call of Rarog with his own crackling cries

[Назад к Альбому]

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