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Как Можно Спать Спокойно?

English Version:
How can one sleep peacefully?
When the revenge has not taken place yet,
But the eyes are closed
How can one live without pain?
When the Pride is lost
Hundreds of years ago.

How can one devour, without thinking
About the life
So poor and dumb
Not seeing the light's rays -
The Sun's afraid
To give the keys to the life.

In loneliness truly
Raising the Truth
To break the perfect line
Of lies
Not believing humans
Forthy are pitful -
Are afraid to think
Are afraid to go

Screw the relics-for peace is only in destruction!
Fighting is life, dream's a mute horror!
Perceive to reject, having rejected - to exceed
Marching with dignity to the triumph

Fight for only yourself
The steel of the spirit does not bend
The sword is stronger than hauberk
The arrow is faster than the thief

The blame is on every snout
In the abscence of strength
jewish leprosy
Needs to be thrown off, the slimy creature!

How can one rise?
Seeing the crucifixion of a jew
It pulls everyone down
Writing poems with Freedom
And be dependent on it
"Hold it tight!"

It is frightening to live without a table
And the crumbs that the masters give you
Who needs Truth
If the guts are empty
And the wall breathes with cold?

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