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Правда в Себе

English Version:
Love to the Land
To yours? To somebody else's!
Should everyone submit?
Will the repose come?

Never have
Free slaves
Lived well
Like humble livestock

Begging with tears
Howling and sobbing,
The priest will teach -
If only to devour in peace.

He, who has grown a belly,
Who has never stood up for himself,
Who is talking lies,
Who's teaching death!

Raise your spirit - bring it back into your heart
Fill it with fire! Throw out your soul
Sufferings of christ - are the hypocrisy of a dog!
He has not died for you! He hasn't paid for you!

Sun does not shine -
The man will not notice
The Truth in himself
And he looks for it in the darkness

He will trip over a hundred times
And will drink his own blood
Before he finds the piece
And takes it away with him

Death! Darkness!
Slowly the herd is going mad!
Hypocrisy! Lies!
You won't find the Truth
Even in the broad daylight
Scream! Moan!
Obediently, silently
Drag after the christ!
Pride and Honor!
Have no more place here.

[Назад к Альбому]

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