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English Version:
Slavonic Truth -
Is my pride
Slavonic Honor
Is Blood and the Land

Was washed with the shame
And has been buried by it
By the talentless people
By the pitiable and mute

The Glory is forgotten
It's in the past a long time ago
And what is left today
Are only the recollections about the false

Pride for the alien
Ideals are alien
Decaying moral
Mute faces

Are praising the warriors
Of the past times
Are ready to smother
The today's ones
(but will they have enough strength?)

You praise the Ancestors
But are you, yourself
Worth of their Glory
As your faces are numb

Dirt and shame
Have they always been ours?
How can one survive
Living only in the past?

Slavonic Truth
Has been forgotten by all
The Truth has been hid
By the mendacious names

Numbness... Loneliness...
Are covered with mud...Don't you want death?
Can you survive, can you be
A fire in the hopelessnes, a shadow in the sky?

A shadow over the earth
Has openedits wings
jewish pus
Is the power for you now!

The road is opened
for the jewish god
Get out of the Slavonic land,
But the faces are still numb!!

To the truthful Gods!
Give the power
To the free words
Truth and Freedom
Are ready to be everyone's
But are you prepared
To die for them?!

[Назад к Альбому]

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