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.: S Slaktare Love Is Always Painful
Welcome Home

Now that I dont love you anymore,
It has come to an end, this mental war.
Ive won the battle against your shadows,
Theyre all gone these painful sorrows.

I know that he is ready and that he is waiting for me,
Calling me back from the other side of the stormy blackened sea!
I look up to the sky and ask the winds for my way back home,
And I try to follow the direction in which theyve always blown.

Now Im sailing on my ship Ive built with my last will,
There is no blood left in my veins, no blood that I could spill!
But the waves are strong and my wooden craft is weak!
Is she seeing the tears running down my cheek?

But I still miss you, where ever I may roam!
The whispers are getting louder Welcome home
Im getting closer to my destination,
Finally I found you, my longed for liberation!

I rest my spirit!
I take off my broken armament!
I grind my already edgeless sword!
I prepare for a new wanderings!
I arrange my inventory!
Im back home!

Im back home!
I fucking come back home!
Fuck you!

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