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.: T Totalselfhatred Apocalypse In Your Heart
At War With Myself

At war with myself
Mieleni ainainen sotatanner
Once again in this hell
Ristitulessa raunioina

At war with myself
Riutuneet kädet kaivavat
Fucking war in my head
Hedelmätönä maaperää

On my knees, shattered
Waiting for the fury to settle
To find the haven in this madness
And see the storm to calm

Tired... Empathy my torturer
Only choice whom i'll hurt this time

Torture, empathy, a hurtful choice
Nourishing my true self
Altruistic deprivation

Inside your hearts rest my past
Which kneels to my regrets

Through all the chaos, in the middle of silence
All the burial pits, shelters of my shadow
To perish into nothingness
Through the veils of life and death...

Puhdistuneena erillisenä kaikesta
In die Unendlichkeit...
Katson universumiani keskellä aikaa

Im selben Moment wie es mir das herj jerschneidet
Neues Glück erwacht...
In mir aus der Asche der Vergangenheit

Ei saastainen sielu enää ryömi
Ulos onnettomasta ruumiista

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