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.: T The Crevices Below Below The Crevices
Below The Crevices

Look below your feet.
Look closely at the ground
Someone below is watching.
Through the cracks in the stone
Their eyes are following your every move
Your every breath...

These eyes are glowing crimson in the dark
They do not trust those who live above
It is the light that drives them mad
And it's the darkness that provides solace.
They've built a vast hall carved out of stone
The sound of hammers ring through the rocky paths
They do not understand the terrors lurking above.

They serve a master adorned with the jewels
Carved from the crystals that enrich his kingdom
He sits upon a glittering throne
Below the crevices he rules alone
Nothing can touch him and none can reach him
He is the lord of the subterranean world
He is the master of his cavernous kingdom.

And he has numerous minions
Who serve and hunt for their master's delight
But down below there is scarce food
So they are forced to hunt those who live above.

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