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.: W Wodensthrone Over The Binding Of The Waves
Folkvang - Through The Flocks Of Sunrise

Whitest snow
Muffled and stifled
By the song of blue heavens
Lulled to sleep, teared the wounds,
Milked with blood of true woods,
Sumptuous feast gave the ravens

Gust of wind
Turned to steel
First let fall, then rise up
Whirled and harrowed.
In the midst of strong oaks
Spread asides the decay
And the foliage been shed
At the sudden stroke.

Thunder then roared
Lightnings victorious bred, carried, foretokened, made a threat.
Kissed the plains
By the splinters of rains, by the crying of dew
Coldly came through.

Howl of wolf pierced the fog
Woke up and taught, inspired with delight.
By the faithfulness, honour
The woods enchanted, with an anxious tocsin
In ages sounded.

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