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.: W Winterfylleth The Ghost Of Heritage
An Englishman's Verse

Stretch forth! Stretch forth! From the south to the north,
From the east to the west, stretch forth! stretch forth!
Stregnthen thy stakes, and lengthen thy cords,
The world is a tent for the world's true lords!

England sowed the glorious seed,
In her wise old laws, and her pure old creed,
And her stout old heart, and her plain old tongue,
And her resolute energies, ever young!

Feebly dwindling day by day,
All other races are fading away;
The sensual South, and the servile East,
And the tottering throne of the treacherous priest!

Englishmen everywhere! Bretheren all!
By one great name on your millions I call
Norman, Saxon, Gael, Celt,
Into this fine mixed mass ye melt.

Englishmen everywhere! Faithful and free!
Lords of the land and Kings of the sea
Anglo-Saxons! Honest and true,
By hundreds of millions my word is to you,

Love one another! As brothers embrace!
That the World may be blest in the Saxon ways!

Traditional Adapted and Arranged for song

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