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.: W Winterfylleth The Mercian Sphere
The Wayfarer Pt. 2 - Awakens He, Bereft Of Kinsmen

Bereft of friends, awakens he,
Dark waves before him,
Frost and snow,
Mingled with hail fall,
His wounded heart is heavier,
Painful for the beloved,
Sorrow is renewed.

Spirits of the seafarers bring not, familiarity there.
Care is renewed for the one who must,
Send a weary mind over the bound waves.
A mind in darkness, pondering life,
How they abandoned the hall,
The brave young!

Thus the earth declines,
Falls every day for he,
The riches of this world stand deserted,
Walls still stand,
Blown upon by winds,
Covered with frost,
Bereft of joy...
...for they all perished.

Proud beside the well,
War destroyed many,
Caried in departure,
Over the high sea, a bird of carrion makes haste,
The grey-haired wolf shared in death,
The ancient work stood empty.

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